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Surrey, Vancouver break transit truce

December 14, 2012 |

As Gordon Price notes, up until this week, the Mayors of Surrey and Vancouver were on the same page for transit expansion – both are regional priorities.

That changed when Mayor Watts made comments to the media suggesting Vancouver’s recent … Read More

Surrey: coal exporter, climate denier?

December 6, 2012 |

In a year where the American mid-west faced the worst drought in a generation, New York was pummelled by super storm Sandy, and the 97% of the Greenland ice sheet melted, Port Metro Vancouver is planning to accelerate the burning … Read More

City wants to build 18 electric vehicle charging stations

June 20, 2012 |

The City is applying for a provincial grant to cost-share the installation of 18 electric vehicle charging stations at public facilities across Surrey. If the full request is met, the province would pay $72,000 of the bill, while the City … Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Surrey sends 2/3 of transit money to Vancouver

June 14, 2012 |

Two years ago, Mayor Watts leaked how much money Surrey contributes to TransLink: $144 million annually. That included $44 million in property taxes and $100 million in gas taxes – fares weren’t accounted for. Around that same time, Delta was … Read More

Second covered skate park planned for Cloverdale

June 13, 2012 |

Following the outstanding success of the covered youth skate park at the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre downtown, the City is planning to build a second one the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.

Planning has already begun on the new skate park, which … Read More

Pioneer overpass becomes set for Vancouver band music video

June 7, 2012 |

When your city starts showing up in music videos, you know you’re doing something right.

South Surrey’s new Pioneer overpass, a striking pedestrian bridge over Hwy 99 that lights up at night, was the set for the Young Liars’ first … Read More

Mayors approve funding, Surrey set to get first B-Line

October 7, 2011 |

Early this afternoon, Mayors representing nearly 75% of the population of Metro Vancouver voted to approve a funding supplement for transit expansion.

Included in the plan is Surrey’s delayed first B-Line route, set to run between Guildford, Surrey Central, and … Read More

Demand mayors to pass new transit on Oct 7

October 2, 2011 |

The future of TransLink and its latest plans for transit expansion will come to a head this week when a supplemental funding package comes to the Mayor’s Council for its final vote.

The funding plan consists of a 2 cent … Read More