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Falcon promises new school cash coming in months

June 21, 2011 |

At the opening of Surrey’s newest elementary school, Adams Road, yesterday, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon re-committed to building desperately needed new schools for the City.

Speaking to the Surrey Now, Falcon was quoted as saying the district would be receiving … Read More

Surrey School District facing $10M in cuts

February 11, 2011 |

The Surrey School District’s upcoming 2011/2012 operating budget is facing a $10 million shortfall in funding required to maintain current programming and service levels. As a result, the Board is asking the public what it believes should be cut … Read More

Wither the Surrey Civic Coalition?

January 31, 2011 |

From left to right. Top row: Terry Allen, SEF; Reni Masi, SEF; Shawn Wilson, SEF; Ijaz Chatha, SCC. Bottom row: Laurie Larsen, SEF; Laurae McNally, independent White Rock rep; Pam Glass, SEF.

Last week, major political news broke when two Surrey Civic Coalition school trustees broke off from the left leaning political party to join the new, non-partisan coalition party Surrey Education First, modelled after Mayor Watts’ Surrey First team on City Council.

Former SCC trustees Laurie Larsen and Terry Allen join with former SET trustees Pam Glass, Shawn Wilson, and Reni Masi to become SEF. Only Ijaz Chatha remains as an SCC representative.

In news reports, SCC President and former Council candidate Stephanie Ryan was quoted as saying the defection reeked of “opportunism” and was a “betrayal of values“. With the SCC diminished to just one school trustee and one council member, and the party’s poor performance last election, I asked Stephanie where the SCC will go from here. Her unedited response is included below:
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Civic candidates for November 15th

October 11, 2008 |

The list of the City’s civic candidates for the municipal elections has been released. 


  • Watts, Dianne (Surrey First)
  • Weisenberger, Murray


  • Bhandari, Jag
  • Bose, Bob (SCC)
  • Gill, Rina (SCC)
  • Gill, Tom (Surrey First)
  • Hepner, Linda (Surrey … Read More

A new SD36 District Education and Conference Centre

February 19, 2008 |

The Surrey School District continues to move forward with a plan to centralize it’s staff into a new facility – aptly named the District Education and Conference Centre or DECC.

According to a recent study done for the School District, … Read More