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City building first separated bike lane downtown

City building first separated bike lane downtown

The first on-street separated bike lane in Downtown Surrey will be arriving this Fall, thanks to $210,000 in cost-shared funding from the provincial government.

Along 105A Ave, between University Drive and Whalley Boulevard, this new east-west cycling connection will also improve walking and pedestrian safety, with new traffic lights, crosswalks, and sidewalk letdowns.

While this isn’t the first separated bike lane in the city – that moniker belongs to a section of roadway in Clayton – it will be the first permanent installation. Locating the bike lane along what is surely one of the most dead roads in Surrey is a smart strategy on the part of staff, reducing any potential public outcry about the project (see, Vancouver). However, it also reduces the project’s utility, as the route connects nothing to nothing, although a future extension east could connect the route up to the Quibble Creek Greenway near 140th St.



  1. Don’t forget 105 a ave is one of those streets Surrey has long term plans on expanding all the way to Guildford. While right now it connects really to nothing if the city can push that road to guildford like they want it will be a great new bike connection between Guildford and North Surrey(previously known as whalley). Add the fact as you said Quibble creek is just a bit more up as well.