New, safer streets coming to Downtown soon

The Engineering Department plans to undertake a series of road upgrades and extensions in the Downtown that will improve connectivity and safety for all users. The projects listed below are planned for completion no later than 2015:

New roadway – Whalley Boulevard from 96 Ave to Fraser Highway
New roadway – Whalley Boulevard from Grovesnor Road to Bentley Road
Widened roadway – Fraser Highway from 138 St to 96 Ave
Widened roadway – City Parkway from 104 Ave to 105 Ave
Intersection upgrade – 103 Ave and King George
Intersection upgrade – 103 Ave and University Drive
Intersection upgrade – 104 Ave and City Parkway
New traffic signal – 106 Ave and King George

About Paul Hillsdon

Paul Hillsdon is the Founder and Editor of He lives in Surrey and is proud urbanist championing light rail, separated bike lanes, mid-rise walk-ups, and third places. He tweets @paulhillsdon
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2 Responses to New, safer streets coming to Downtown soon

  1. Jesse L Hausner says:

    About time on Fraser Highway though I’ll be disappointed if it is only 138th to 96th. That still leaves the 96th to 148th stretch 1 lane and that would result in really no change in my humble opinion.

    The changes to City Parkway though and 103rd are more important to the core though I think and will be great to see complete.

  2. its about time the line up city park way.

    also its nice to see whalley blvd finally getting a few more steps towards being finish. all that will be left is to line it up on the one side with university drive

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