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Connecting to the City of Surrey

If you wish to be more connected to the city, many apps are now being provided by Surrey to help you do just that. Connecting to the city will be much easier with apps allowing you to learn about public art or request city services.

Mobile Citizen Service Request App

Recently, Surrey came out with a new app from SeeClickFix meant to encourage citizens to become more active in their community. Created to service non-emergency problems, the mobile citizen service request app allows users to record an issue they find on their phone and report that directly to the city. More than just engaging residents, this app will also increase the efficiency of the city’s workforce, as less time and effort will be used to locate issues around the city that nearby residents already know about.

ArtWalk App

Meant to connect users to public art within the City Centre, the ArtWalk app uses GPS and Google maps to connect to one of eleven art installations and provide videos and pictures to help you discover new information about a piece of public art.

Go Surrey App

The Go Surrey app is there to help both residents and visitors find activities to do in the City of Surrey. In addition to providing a map of Surrey’s cultural and recreational facilities, there is also a list of upcoming events being hosted at those facilities.

My-waste App

For those who can’t remember if it’s garbage or recycling week, there is the my-waste app. The app provides a collection schedule, collection day reminders and a list of what the city will accept in its bins.

Building Inspection request App

The City of Surrey has also created an app for those who have registered with the Planning and Development Department. The building inspection app allows users to view their building permits, building inspections associated with the permits, and request building inspections.


  1. Thanks for helping spread the word on our mobile apps. Do you have any thoughts on what other services would be beneficial to have as an App?

    • I’d like to see something similar to Metro Van’s iParks and Vancouver’s Parks app for Surrey.

      Cycle Tracks, based in SF, and Cycle Atlanta, both provide maps for cyclists to route plan and track their movement via GPS to help planners and engineers to make improvements to infrastructure. You can also report potholes and other obstructions through the app. Calgary has a more basic version too.

      Calgary’s Pets app is very popular. It provides real-time info on lost pets, animals available for adoption, licensing and vet clinics. This could tie in well with the City taking over animal control from the SPCA.

    • Kenneth Souder

      I would have to agree with Paul on this, an app similar to iParks would be nice. That being said, if an app was created that combined the iParks, Go Surrey, and ArtWalk apps into a single interface, that might be better.

      Being able to decide what to do with my free time with a single app would be a nice little luxury.

      • I’m of the camp that prefers single-use apps. Trying to do too many things at once can make for a complicated interface.

        • Kenneth Souder

          That makes sense as well. I guess it’s a bit of a balance between simplicity and overall usefulness in daily life

  2. Jeff

    The apps are nice, but I would also like to see the data behind them made open so that we wouldn’t have to rely on the city (or the companies that the city has to pay) to provide these apps. In the long run (as a Surrey taxpayer) I would prefer for the city to stay out of the app-making business as much as possible – or at least only fill in the gaps where absolutely necessary.

    • This is definitely something we’re looking into – and I agree. Would love to start making this a reality in 2013!

      • Jeff

        Thanks Jeannine. I look forward to hearing some more about this going forward into the new year.

    • Andrew

      Well said Jeff. Though I think the Go Surrey app would spread faster if there was an Android version.