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Target’s arrival at Central City disappoints

Over the past decade, Central City Mall has successfully re-vitalized and re-branded, thanks to new shops and a renovated western exterior. With such a high bar set, it comes as a huge disappointment to see their plans for the replacement of Zellers with Target. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.



  1. Given the negative connotations associated with big box stores these days, you’d think they would avoid designing a store that looks like a big cardboard box. This hardly fits in the vision of Surrey Central as a downtown core.

  2. I’m not surprised they arent spending much on a reno right now. Target is currently entering a new market. So it would be a huge waste of money to reno every zellers store that they bought out if they end up failing here. Its smart thinking in a business way. Yes there are other companies coming to Canada and trying the reno thing out i will admit but the are willing to take a chance target is not.

  3. Adrian

    I like the idea of Target coming to downtown Surrey but they are not contributing to the urban landscape of the area. They’re giving the building a new paint job and changing the logo. A developer needs to urbanize the parking lot between the mall and King George Hwy.

  4. Brad

    It looks pretty much like any other Target store in the US. Not sure why anybody would expect any different??