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Surrey Building Stats from 2003 – 2011: Commercial and Industrial

On a previous post, I plotted various residential development statistics for neighbourhoods in Surrey. I decided to do the same thing with industrial and commercial development statistics.

One of the trends that I noticed with both industrial and commercial development is that Newton and South Surrey are where the majority of development is occurring. I’m not surprised when it comes to development in South Surrey given the large amount of shopping strips that have been developed recently combined with the opening of the Campbell Heights Industrial Area. The amount of development in Newton actually surprised me as my first thoughts of the area centre around the bus exchange at 72nd Avenue and King George which hasn’t seen too much renewal lately.

With the exception of the Guildford Town Centre redevelopment, Fleetwood and Guildford have seen little commercial and industrial development. This is due to zoning in Fleetwood, but also because commercial properties in the area were build in the later part of the 20th century, so they won’t be redeveloped for many years to come.

Whalley stood out as the area that has seen the biggest expansion in commercial development and I expect that trend to continue as the area becomes Surrey’s Downtown.

Commercial permits floor value by community, 2003 -2001

Commercial permits floor space by community, 2003 -2001

Industrial permits value by community, 2003 -2001

Industrial permits floor space by community, 2003 -2001