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Surrey ready for transit improvements

Last night I attended the public consultation for TransLink’s “Moving Forward” plan for transportation improvements in the region. While you can read more about the plan on a previous post, I really want to talk about the evening. This public consultation took place at Guildford Recreation Centre and was the only such meeting in the South of Fraser. There were only about 30 people at the meeting and mostly from Langley. Of all the comments I heard, not one person opposed improving transit. Everyone said if they are going to be paying more tax for transit, they want to see more service on the ground. The fact that only 30 people came to the public consultation shows me that there is broad public support for improving transit it our region.

TransLink's Public Consultation at Guildford Recreation Centre

Display Boards at TransLink's "Moving Forward" Public Consultation

I’ve been involved in local issues for a while and I’ve noticed that when people are upset about a plan or project, they come out in droves. When people are OK with a plan, they tend to stay home. I talked to someone who was working at the public consultation and asked if the other consultation where much different. He told me that the general feeling was that most people think that they aren’t getting their fair share of transit and that everyone wants more service.

The sad reality is that I believe the editors of some newspapers are waging their own private war against TransLink. Maybe it’s because the editors don’t understand the value of a diversified transportation system, or maybe it’s because a large portion of their revenue comes from auto manufactures and car dealerships. Either way, it’s clear to me after the public consultation last night that the citizens of Surrey are looking for leadership to support transit improvements and most of the “controversy” in the media is fabricated.


  1. Taylor Gang

    I was there working out I saw that shit !

  2. I attended the same session – I came over from Maple Ridge after attending a luncheon where TransLink CEO gave a presentation to local business people. I agree in general with your conclusion — I think our elected people at the local and provincial levels are too attentive to the negative chat they hear on talk radio and on the letters pages in the community papers. Some further comments at my new blogsite, I will be picking up on your insights from time to time but will give full credit. You’re doing a great job!