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Photo tour of the City Centre Library!

Media were invited to take a full tour of the nearly complete City Centre Library today. Other than connecting the computers, filling some more stacks, and hanging the public art, the gorgeous new building appeared ready for the public.

Designed by Bing Thom Architects, the LEED-certified, four-storey building is a breathtaking addition to the City’s collection of public buildings and is primed to be a catalyst in the continuing development of the downtown core.

The library is 82,000 sq. ft., with much of the space dedicated to people rather than books. Featuring study rooms, a teen lounge, a fireplace, a coffee shop, a children’s area, SFU Continuing Education classrooms, community meeting rooms, and more, the library is much more than a book warehouse. That said, bookworms will appreciate the over 100,000 books and other media that will be available at launch. Over 80 computers will be available to the public, as well as free wireless access for those with laptops or tablets.

The building is bright and spacious with plenty of natural light shining through the library’s large windows and skylight. With brand new furniture throughout, the library feels modern and almost European in design with its IKEA-like furnishings.

The branch will be the launching place of the library’s new RFID cataloguing system. Instead of barcodes, these thin-chip ID tags will make checking out, and checking back in, books even easier. Behind the welcome desk is a self-serve return it slot, attached to a scanner and conveyer belt that automatically sorts books.

The building’s official opening ceremony is September 24th, but a soft launch will begin later this month.


  1. Erik

    I’m always jealous of you and how you get to go on all these early tours. I’d give an arm and a leg just to do it once

  2. Dave

    I can’t wait for this to open up, and all those pics are making me even more impatient!

  3. Steve

    Ya, those hand dryers are nice. They have those all over Japan because they don’t blow water all over the floor and make a mess. In fact they have been in Japan for about 10 years or more. Only in North America where idiots rule supreme do we use hand dryers that blow water all over the floor.

    • Catherine

      “Where idiots rule supreme” have also given us a safe country that the entire world covets and wish they were. Be patient young bug- as Japan excels in technology, they do not exceed Canada in MANY other aspects. We can gain and appreciate their technology as needed; ie utilizing environmental technology for reasons such as space and efficiency increases in importance as population and environmental issues become more prevalent. Do not forget Canada is a country several hundred times larger than Japan and until now the need for such advanced technology was not as much of an issue. As immigration has changed the population and landscape of this great country of ours, so has the needs in use of public and greenspace and natural resources. So please, be aware; More positive comments would be nice to see.

  4. Catherine

    What a gorgeous new Public Library. I shall look forward to stopping in there to pay up my library fines! How lucky we are as Canadians, and residents of Metro Vancouver to have such beautiful pieces of architechture in each and every jurisdiction as libraries to enjoy, explore and utilize. I recently moved to Richmond, previously living in Surrey, Kerrisdale and North Vancouver, and Surrey and Richmond are leading the pack for stunning libraries for the public to use. Thanks to all who have created this. It’s nice to see our tax dollars going to such wonderful creations – including the fancy new handdryers commented on. Aren’t we lucky!