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4 storey condo planned for Old Yale Road [pics]

This four storey development is currently in third reading with the City and going through reviews with Engineering. Located at 132 St and Old Yale Road, this condo building is expected to incorporate townhomes at the base, as well as a historic plaza right on the corner of the intersection.


  1. I like the look of it, but I think the more interesting part of this post is the google image of the area.

    The townhouse complex/apartment/whatever you want to call it that is being constructed across the street in the image is fully constructed and being lived in.

    It’s a good visual demonstration of just how rapidly Surrey is developing greater density in that part of the city. I wonder though at just how capable the local facilities are at absorbing the higher density, Old Yale Road Elementary is quite small, Kwantlen Park Secondary, though new, may be nearing capacity (I don’t know) and the nearby fire station is also quite small. That’s just a sampling, it would be interesting to do a survey of residents in these areas and ask if they feel like the infrastructure in place around them (including road network) is capable of handling the increase population.