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Let’s Draft Watts together

Yesterday, I wrote about why I believe Dianne Watts is the best choice to replace Gordon Campbell as Premier and how in such a role she could continue her work in improving Surrey. As the media begins to talk about the top contenders for the Liberal leadership, Watts remains the number one outsider proposed. Christy Clark called her a potential “gamechanger” in the leadership race. Ipsos Reid shows her to be the best contender for the job with a net impression of +30, ahead of Carole Taylor and John Furlong. Meanwhile, CKNW has an ongoing online poll asking people who should take Campbell’s spot – Watts leads by a landslide with 63.6% as of this post’s publishing. It is obvious that the public views her as an ideal candidate for Premier.

With that sentiment in mind, I believe it is time to truly “Draft Watts”. I’ve set up a small section on Civic Surrey to do just that. I’ve written up a short section on her achievements in Surrey and begun a Facebook page you can “Like” if you think Dianne would make a great Premier. Let’s work together and let’s draft Watts!


  1. Paul, in the event your campaign is a success, who do you see as our next successful Mayor in Surrey?

    • Well, I’ve heard Linda Hepner and Marvin Hunt thrown around as potential candidates, though I suspect there would also be some options that emerge from the woodwork if the spot were to open up. Not totally answering your question here though 😉