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Surrey’s score on annual learning index stalls

The Canadian Council of Learning recently released the results of its fifth annual Composite Learning Index survey, revealing that educational improvements across Canada, on average, have stalled. In Surrey, after significant gains in 2007, bringing our score up from 75 to 81, the City’s score dropped down to 77 in 2009 and remains plateaued there. As the CLI describes it, the Composite Learning Index is:

Canada’s annual measure of progress in lifelong learning. It is based on a combination of statistical indicators that reflect the many ways Canadians learn, whether in school, in the home, at work or within the community.

Victoria and Saskatoon have shown consistent improvement in the past five years and now sit at the top of the Index with rankings of 95 and 90, respectively. Calgary (88), Ottawa (87), and Regina (84) follow behind.

There are four major indicators:

  • Learning to Know – almost exceeding the National Average
  • Learning to Do – within the National Average
  • Learning to Live Together  – almost below the National Average
  • Learning to Be – within the National Average

In terms of specifics, Surrey exceeds the National Average in our high school dropout rate, and ranks below the National Average in workplace training, participation in clubs, exposure to reading, and access to broadband internet.