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Campbell Heights continues to pave over key habitats

Despite numerous environmental groups panning Surrey over the development of the Campbell Heights area, the City continues to push forward with Phase 2 of the area’s plan.

It was initially revealed several years ago by the David Suzuki Foundation that the City had drained a lake and destroyed a sensitive fish stream.

“The City of Surrey and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans are ignoring their own policies concerning fish habitat protection and environmentally sensitive areas,” said Mr. Ritchlin. “Ironically, a photo of the very lake being drained graces the cover of the city’s guidelines for the development of the Campbell Heights business park.”

Although the whistle was blown back then, the City has moved slowly to undo the damages it initially caused.

“It is extremely disappointing to find Surrey proceeding with Phase 2 of Campbell Heights before all the problems caused by Phase 1 have been 100 per cent mitigated…,’ “ David Riley, Chair Little Campbell Watershed Society wrote in a letter to mayor and council.

It seems as though the City and the Mayor can’t put their money where their mouth is – at least so far. The City has been rather quietly putting together a Sustainability Charter, a document that would overarch all City policies, including the Official Community Plan.

The draft document is set to be unveiled at the Mayor’s State of the City address on March 13th.

Hopefully, it will include some real enforceable policies and bylaws ensuring that it doesn’t take whistle blowers to prevent the destruction of provincial environmentally sensitive areas like Campbell Heights.